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The Ohio Ambulance and Medical Transportation Association represents and advocates for EMS and medical transportation providers of Ohio and whose broad base of membership includes private and public entities, hospital-based, wheelchair and air medical transportation providers. 

The OAMTA is organized to promote quality medical transportation providing value to members while disseminating information pertaining to the industry in order to achieve long-term success of members.

Association Updates

Save the Date for Our Annual Conference

We are excited to be reunited IN PERSON for our first annual conference in two years.  Please mark your calendars.  Schedule and speaker will be posted soon.  We look forward to seeing you all there!

Wednesday, September 7, 2022 

Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center

100 Greenmeadows Drive South
Lewis Center

Columbus Dispatch: Covid Exacerbates the Need for Workers in Emergency Medical Services

Psychiatric calls are up, the “Great Resignation” is at play and staffing shortages across private EMS in Ohio have skyrocketed. In fact, almost a third of the industry has left, said Darin Robinaugh, head of the Ohio Ambulance and Medical Transportation Association. When Carver started at Courtesy eight years ago, there were eight to 10 people taking around 100 calls a day. These days, two to four people manage 30 to 50 calls a day, he said. Private EMS takes patients to and from nursing homes and medical appointments in addition to body removals, while public EMS works with fire departments and 911 calls. View the story here.

Canton Repository: Ohio EMS infrastructure at risk of collapsing

We are forced to ask so much of our EMTs and paramedics who have selflessly chosen to stay. We ask them to pick up extra shifts when the pay doesn’t reflect their work. We want to rightfully reward our workforce for whom we are most grateful with the pay they deserve. We want to hire more people so that the hours of work are equally balanced. But we are unable to address our fleeing labor shortage when Ohio EMS is reimbursed at Medicaid rates that fall in the bottom 15% of those in the nation. Ohio’s Medicaid reimbursement is far below the cost of life-saving care and is the lowest among our neighboring states. View the story here.

WOSU: Plight of the Private Ambulance Industry

The pandemic has exacerbated the strain our industry’s workforce. Even before the Covid, the EMS industry faced worsening retention rates and was stretching an already fragile workforce. The last 2 years of this state of emergency has exacerbated the EMS workforce crisis, and it is harder now more than ever to hire and retain employees. WOSU News recently released a feature on private ambulance staffing shortages.  We hope that public awareness will strengthen our advocacy for long term legislative and regulatory solutions for ambulance services. View the story here.

WHIO: ‘Great resignation,’ pandemic impacting private ambulance companies in Miami Valley

Private ambulance companies are among a growing list of industries struggling as a result of the “Great Resignation” and the COVID-19 pandemic. On Friday Integrity Ambulance closed its doors after decades in business. Now that leaves Spirit Medical Transport as the only private ambulance company over a large portion of western Ohio. Low pay, long shifts and an increased workload all contribute to why companies are struggling. View the story here.

Executive Officers

Darin Robinaugh


Robinaugh EMS

Bellefontaine, Ohio

Dean Martens

Vice President

Donald Martens and Sons

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Superior Ambulance

Ashtabula, Ohio

Dave Viola

Executive Director

Minerva, Ohio

Board of Directors

Kim Hamilton

American Medical Response

Akron, Ohio

Brian Hathaway

Spirit Medical Transport

Greenville, Ohio

Kenneth J. Joseph

EMT Ambulance

North Canton, Ohio

Kent Appelhans

Hanco EMS

Findlay, Ohio

Eileen Scarret Dudgeon


Brooklyn, Ohio

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Annual In Person Conference Wednesday, September 7, 2022 Email Dave Viola for registration forms and information.

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